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The website design of an e-commerce site affects it in a lot of ways. Poor conversation rate is one of the effects of a poor website design of an e-commerce site.  Seemingly minor details in design, wording, or navigation can scare away potential buyers. Sometimes visitors can’t say why they left, only that they weren’t comfortable going any further in the act of buying. The good news is that most of these details can be fixed quickly and easily.  Here are some often-encountered mistakes that kill sales on an e-commerce site.

Bad photos and videos prevent the conversion rate from improving

Photos and videos should be attractive and high-quality. Videos that are too low definition and small blurry photos do not sell a product. Studies on this subject have long proven the positive impact on the conversion rate, size, quality and quantity of a product’s visuals.

These same studies have shown that online shoppers often try to read the labels on product packaging.

Amazon has understood this and requires high-definition visuals for product sheets at least 1001 pixels high by 2560 pixels wide. Thus, the zoom on the visual is of very good quality, on Desktop as on Smartphone.

 No testing on devices and browsers

Ideally, your online store should look pretty much the same on a Mac as it does on a PC, as well as when loaded through Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. The mobile version should look and work the same on an Android device as it does on an iPhone or iPad.

Make sure the site meets modern HTML and CSS standards. Try to satisfy customers using outdated hardware and software, at least two older versions.

Website design experts in Charlotte

There are many things that affect the conversion rate of an e-commerce site. Some of these have been discussed in this article.  For a better evaluation of your site, we recommend contacting a website design expert.

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