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  • Simple is the best. Always ensure you make your website design is simple. Putting a lot of elements and features on your website can distract your audience from its primary purpose. Always keep a tidy and straightforward site that has appealing features.
  • Consistency matters a lot in website design. Pay attention to design, sub-headings, sizes, fonts, headings, and button styles. All these must be uniform through your website. Plan your website and get used to the color of your texts, size, etc. and stick to your plan throughout the development.
  • Typography and Readability. Always ensure that your website is readable to your visitors. Text is an integral part of your SEO, and since search engines are much familiar with this data, it is good to keep it optimized. Always make good use of meta-data, keywords, and other SEO elements. Always ensure you use an easy to read fonts, make a proper combination of every design element like heading, texts, body, etc.
  • Mobile Compatibility. Keep in mind the ever-growing usage of tablets and smartphones. Your website design must be easy to view on different screens. The chance that you will lose your audience to competitors is high if your design does not support all these platforms. You have to turn your desktop design to an adaptive and responsive screen.
  • Color Palette and Imagery. A poor color combination can lead to loss of interest, while a perfect color can attract more audience. It is important to choose the right color palette for your web design and create a pleasing atmosphere for your visitors. Enhance your user’s experience by selecting a well-balanced color and remember white spaces. Also, avoid using multiple colors and multiple vibrant images.
  • Easy Loading. No one likes to wait for hours before loading a website page. You must use the right image size. Also, compress JavaScript and CSS, and HTML for better loading speed.
  • Easy Navigation. Users tend to spend more time on websites that are easy to navigate. Effective navigation means your target audience will spend more time. Try to follow the “three-click-rule” so that your audience can get all the information they require within a few clicks.

Website design can make a difference in your business. Keeping these basic principles can improve the aesthetic and functionality of your website. A simple site with a well-structured can perform better on Google and other search engines. Contact SCD  consulting service if you need help building the perfect website for your business. Our experts have the experience, resources, and knowledge to build your brand and make your businesses global.