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Measure your ranking.

If you need to lose weight, you need to have a check-up first. If you want to run the marathon, get a medical exam and measure your time, blood pressure and heart rate in the first few workouts. Any action that is aimed at improving requires that you first measure the state of the current situation, so that subsequent measures can compare with the future situation and understand the extent of the improvement.

If you want to improve the SEO positioning of your site, first check and measure your current positioning, so you will compare it with the positioning you will reach later; only then can you draw conclusions.

Not sure what or how to measure your website’s SEO ranking? There is a very simple method: run the queries on Google that you find most interesting (the ones that your target would do), and identify where the first of your pages appears, noting at what position it is. Create a grid in an electronic sheet, in which for each query of interest you note the position of a page on your site today. After a few months, run the same queries again, and note the new location.

Review your target keywords

You have target keywords, right? If you have already built your site to perfection, then you have already optimized it on certain keywords: the target keywords. Which means that you have already optimized the pages of your site, applying to be first on Google on certain search queries. If you don’t know what target keywords are, you definitely need to review your site, your content, and your digital marketing. Think back to your target keywords. And enrich the site texts accordingly.

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