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SEO is the act of improving the visibility of your website to be more search engine friendly. It involves keyword optimization to link building. Google ranks sites based on its complex algorithms. This means your website ranking can change when a new algorithm is released. However, using some technique can see your website climb without having to pay for the service.

PPC is the act of purchasing sponsored links and ads on SERPs (search engine results pages). PPC depends on where you purchase your ads. For instance, if you use Google, you will be able to bid on keywords. The higher your bid for keywords, the more chance you will have on appearing on the first page. PPC allows businesses to send their message out to the audience in a short period. However, it can be costly to run on a long-term basis. Some of the difference between SEO and PPC include:

There is a big difference when compare SEO to PPC. Although organic SEO usually takes a longer period to see results, but the amount spent is always cheaper. SEMPO estimates that 87% of the money spent on adverts are on PPC compared to 11% of dollars spent on organic search. Considering how cheap and how effective organic search can be, it is almost the better long-term option.

Online users prefer to click organic search results rather than PPC. This may be as a result that search engine users now recognize the difference between paid results and organic results, and they believe that organic results are usually more useful. Studies have shown that most users hardly take note of ads location and so more likely to click the result at the top (organic result).

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