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Best SEO in Charlotte is a great goal. The SEO performance of a website may decline for a number of reasons. Most times, it is as a result of some mistakes made. This article highlights some if these mistakes.

UX and / or catastrophic design

Here are some hints to avoid UX issues

  • the main content is only visible when you have scrolled part of the page
  • full of banners and other pop-ups or pop-ins prevent a good reading of the page
  • the mobile version is non-existent or very difficult to use
  • the design is very old, totally outdated
  • the text too often contains keyword stuffing, as well as too much bolding
  • the menu is either far too thick (mega menu), or based on labels that mean nothing to the user, or unusable (technical bug)

These problems often stack up with those related to advertising or sometimes site speed.

An obvious lack of Expertise, Authority and Trust

You may say that EAT is only a concept intended for evaluators of the quality of SERPs – and not an official criterion (ranking factor). But in reality, there are many cases where the site is down due to the lack of one or more of the “Expertise”, “Authority”, “Trust” components.

Depending on the industry, one or the other of these concepts is more important. For example:

In the medical sector or tax exemption, the author’s expertise must be obvious and far superior to what is found on the first pages of Google. For an ecommerce, trust and reputation must be at the top.

SEO is a very wide concept, and it’s constantly revolving. There are various things responsible for the declining SEO performance of a site. These articles have highlighted some of these.  It will be of great advantage to your business’s online presence if you could avoid all of these SEO pitfalls. To do this, you may need the services of an SEO expert.

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