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Generally, “search engine marketing”, or SEM refers to paid search marketing, a system where businesses pay Google to indicate their ads within the search results.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is different because businesses don’t pay Google for traffic and clicks; rather, they earn a free spot in the search results by having the most relevant content for a given keyword search. As a business owner, both SEO and SEM should be fundamental parts of your online marketing strategy.

Search engine marketing: benefits

There are lots of benefits to using an SEM-based strategy. The most obvious benefit is increased brand awareness, which can help you build relationships with relevant customers. Also, it helps increase your brand visibility by generating more traffic to your website. SEM will improve your engagement with new and returning customers. It’s all about making a last impression, and SEM is the best way to achieve that. SEM also can improve your targeted ads and generate more qualified leads for your business.

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