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What are Google Ads?

Google ads are an online form of advertising; it is a Google service that allows you to showcase your products and services as well as to promote your brand and increase traffic on your website by allowing you to display your ads on Google search engine results. The platform works on a pay-per-click system which means that for every time that a user clicks on your ad you will have to pay.

How to use

Google Ads are best utilized when you ensure that you follow the necessary steps involved and these include; creating your ad campaign goals as well as your target audience goals and funding budget, then creating a comprehensive, compelling, and captivating ad that will not only draw the attention of those who come across your ads but will also make them want to patronize you.

Types of Google Ads

  1. Search engine campaign ads: these are usually in typed text forms which are displayed on Google search results when a user types a search for something similar to your product.
  2. Video campaign ads: these are mostly videos of 10-15 seconds that are played right before or during a YouTube video that advertise your content.
  3. Display network campaign ads: these ads are usually in form of pictures that pop on the screen of a user when visiting a website or using an app.
  4. App campaign adds: these types of ads are usually seen while using apps.

Benefits of Google Ads

Google ads give you the advantage of showcasing your brand to a larger audience thus giving you more potential customers and unlike the social media platforms where people are not deliberate about or interested in the ads that they see; the advertising platform is specific in the sense that when people go on Google they are particular about what they are looking for so when services like what you offer are needed it is no trouble finding them by the users. Using Google Ads also allows you to monitor your progress, how your customers react, their impressions, etc. You need to consider using the said platform to improve your business visibility, this gives you access to a bigger market for your products and services.

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