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Digital marketing could be annoying at times. What could be more frustrating than spending hours creating the perfect email campaign only to find that 50% of your recipients have received it in their spam emails? If this happens to you regularly, then it’s time to improve your email deliverability. Email Deliverability is the ability of an email to be delivered to its recipient’s main inbox.

The deliverability of your emails depends on 2 types of factors:

  • Techniques (wrong email addresses, identification protocols, etc.)
  • Behavioral (inactive email addresses, low open rate, etc.)

For the technical aspect, certain optimizations can have a very fast positive impact. For the other factor, no miracle: your deliverability will depend directly on the engagement of your audience, and therefore on the quality and relevance of your mailings. To work on these 2 factors, we have provided some tips that will help you improve your daily deliverability.

Clean up your contact lists

Have you never sorted your contacts since you collected them? Maybe their email address no longer exists. It’s time to sort it out. In fact, your contact database can contain 2 types of email addresses that affect your deliverability:

  • Non-existent addresses and Inactive addresses.
  • Email providers analyze your campaign data and penalize you when your emails are not opened. It is therefore essential to delete all your inactive and outdated contacts!
  • If you continue to send emails to these addresses, you risk falling into a spam trap.

Respect good emailing practices

No one likes surprise guests, especially in their inbox! Your method of acquiring contacts must respect good emailing practices:

  • Has your customer explicitly consented to receive your emails?
  • Has he been notified that he will be receiving emails?
  • Has the content offered in the emails been announced in advance?
  • Does he immediately see who the sender of the email is?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is no, your customers may not open your emails and classify you as spam.

Use an email address from your domain name

Clearly displaying your business name is essential for your customers to recognize you and open your emails. This goes through your name of the sender, but also through your email address!

Some classic email providers like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL, refuse the use of third-party tools for sending emails.

One of the major reasons for a failed email marketing campaign is poor deliverability rate of emails. Optimizing your deliverability doesn’t happen overnight, but you should gradually improve your reputation with email providers by following these tips. Better deliverability will make your campaigns more effective, saving you time and money!

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