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Digital marketing could take different forms, and one of its several forms is email marketing. Email marketing is a type of internet marketing that occurs when a company sends promotional messages or materials to groups of people by email. These messages typically contain advertisements, commercial messages, sales or donation requests, or a business call.

Any type of email with such content is an example of email marketing and its purpose is to acquire new customers, build or improve a company’s relationship with its current customers, and for customers to consider repeat business with them, to build trust, loyalty or to publicize your brand.

For increased success in email marketing, you must always take note of deliverability of your mails. That is, the number of your mails that make it to the Inbox of your subscribers. This is very important as you do not want to have a high percentage of your mails ending in the subscribers’ spam.

The consequence of having low deliverability is that it leads to a waste money and time, as the end goal of every email campaign is to make the subscribers see it and act in it. But this will be impossible where the email didn’t even make it to their inbox.

Email marketing, despite its flaws, could be very beneficial to any business. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the downsides. When done the right way, the return on investment could be really massive. To do it the right way, you either need to garner experience in writing great email copies, or employ the services of a good digital marketing agency.

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