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Digital marketing is an excellent tool to grow your company. So it is essential that you know some basic concepts in digital marketing. If you are an entrepreneur, and you are interested in investing in digital marketing, here are some terms you need to know.

  1. SEO or search engine optimization. SEO refers to a set of techniques that have been fundamental to digital marketing for few years. It consists of organizing the information of a web page and its structure so that it is positioned among the first places in search engines, such as Google. For example, if you have an online store for women’s clothing in Charlotte NC, using these techniques you will be in the first results when someone in this country searches for “women’s clothing in Charlotte NC”. This set of techniques makes it possible for web pages to be found by potential customers of a website, generates organic traffic, and increases sales. If you want to appear first on Google, you have to apply this strategy.
  2. SEM or search engine marketing. This is a type of online advertising that is also related to search engine rankings. However, Search Engine Marketing involves paying to appear as an advertiser in the top positions of a certain search immediately.
  3. Social media marketing. Social Media Marketing is the process of generating traffic or attention through social networks.
  4. Copywriting. You may have already heard this term, but you are still sure what it means. Copywriting is to simply write persuasive texts to sell more goods or services online. In this sense, the copywriter, who writes this content, wants the prospect to be interested in what he has read and end up taking a certain action.
  1. CTA or call to action. In digital marketing, the call to action is a fundamental factor for the success of your business. The call to action are the messages that are placed in articles, graphic pieces, or other types of digital content, which are intended for users to make a conversion.
  2. Influencer. Surely, if you conversant with the online world, you must have heard of influencers. This term has become popular, as the great advantages that a good influencer can have on a business is being witnessed on a daily basis. An influencer, as the name suggests, is a person whose credibility on certain topics is high and, furthermore, has a high influence on others. Mainly, companies hire influencers or offer them free products in exchange for their opinion of them.

Understanding basic concepts of digital marketing is very for the success of any business online. But mastering the concept of digital marketing is an entirely different ball game. In other not to lose focus on your business, it is recommended you employ the services of a good digital marketing agency to handle your digital marketing projects.

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